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An evil force has besieged the Metaverse

A rift to the astral plane has opened in the metaverse. Witnesses reported seeing monsters emerging from rifts, armed with weapons beyond our world – monstrosities capable of crushing entire cities and laying waste to all inhabitants within. Wielding astral weapons, these monsters can carve an adept swordsman in twain. Bards sing of grandmasters slaying some of these monsters… “Only through coy, one must trick the monsters, and use their own weapons against them,” a legend sang in taverns far and wide. Will you drink in the taverns and celebrate the end of days – or will you fight? The call is yours to answer.


The Call

Forces across the metaverse are massing – there is a revolution in the works. Astral materials are being gathered in order to arm the townspeople against their treacherous encampment. When chaos rules supreme, it is up to the courageous to answer the call and banish the monsters and lay waste to the rift. Someone must restore balance to the metaverse. Will it be you?

The Astral

Rifts have been spawning throughout the world. Rumors amongst pagans found living their last breaths in alleyways speak of dark necromancers wielding devious magics. As of yet, no hero or party has ever survived the necromancer's beastly spawns.

The townspeople have descended into madness. After being exposed to magic for the first time and seeing world-bending monsters, their sanity has plunged into a manic state of nature. Townspeople have adopted their own rules, cutting each other's throats, while risking their own, at the chance of plundering weapons from the necromancer's beasts – weapons that are rumored to be quite valuable to dark merchants in the heart of the town.

Unreal 5. Cross-chain capabilities. No pay to win.

Combat & Progression


Challenge your skill in intense Arena battles or fight epic monsters for resources and gold in the open world. Empower your gear and climb the leaderboards. Only the most skillful fighters will leave the battle victorious!

Markets & Economy


Choose your destiny: Play the markets and farm or craft your path to the top. Earn ingame gold by defeating your opponents or by trading at the marketplace.

Housing & Environment


Claim your own part of the Metagates world, and develop your patch of land. Whether military, industrial or residential; plan carefully to use the valuable building land effectively and expand your empire.

Weapons forged from the Metagate


Classless combat. Weapons with choice. Discover new recipes by looting the epic chest in the Metagate, mint new weapon combinations through our crafting system, and introduce new meta into the gates yourself.


Plate armor, leather armor, and cloth armor is interchangeable. In a classless combat system, you can wear a plate helm, cloth boots and a leather chest with a fire staff, or any other combination you select.


Do not want to PvP? Become a guild crafter and supply your forces with astral weaponry. Mint unique NFT items in our crafting system with properties obtained from blueprints and shards obtained in the astral plane.


Limited in-game currency model

Metagates was designed to be a free-to-play blockchain game with a potential cosmetic subscription model. The in-game currency will have a hard-capped supply. As more in-game currency is hoarded by players the drop rate reduces. Any new in-game currency brought into the system will be through subscriptions. In-game currency sinks, as land taxes and other mechanisms will also be used to keep the value of the in-game currency in range. In-game currency will have an exchange pair where the team provides liquidity from a portion of the value raised from future land sales.

In-game currency supply and breakdown

The Teams incentive will be purchased from the LP with the teams own personal funds, and be set to a TBD release schedule.
The loot contract for in-game currency will hold half of total supply with the marketing portion set aside from it.

This leaves the allocation as following:

Team: 10%
Liquidity Pool: 40%
In-game Loot Contract: 40%
Marketing: 10%

Housing and Land

Landlords must pay a monthly tax on their land in Metagates. This tax goes to the region the land is placed in, and depending on the houses location within the region, will be partially distributed to the region's monster's loot tables.

Not all houses can be placed anywhere - they will have specific regional boundaries. Some must be placed next to castles, towns, or towers. Others cannot be placed in safe places.

Castle and tower owners can choose how much land around their building will qualify as regional land. The more land claimed, the higher their base tax will be. Towers and castles can also choose a regional specialty bonus that can ONLY be funded automatically through a portion of the taxes.


  • October 9, 2021

    Official Friends & Family Soft-Launch / Founder NFT Release

    We invited friends and family to our Discord community and showed them the project; the release of 105 Founder's Shards of different tiers were bought by early adopters. Roughly 80 total shards were claimed.

  • October 29, 2021

    Official Opensea Market Release

    The Founder NFT Shards were released on OpenSea. Anyone who purchased one beforehand will be sent one at this time. The remainder will be available for purchase.

  • November 7, 2021

    Early Play-Testing Event

    Early play-testing will be implemented. For anyone who is interested in being an early play-tester, please apply in our discord at #play-testing channel. Please note that this is exactly what the name indicates – do not expect the game to be perfectly balanced at this time. Let's just use this as an experience to test out the skills and have some fun in the arena.

  • November 27, 2021

    Pre-Alpha Launch

    Interested community members will have access to play the game in our Pre-Alpha launch. Wiped in-game economy with seasonal NFT rewards. Release of "TheShit" NFT used to fund our art and marketing. Purchasers are rewarded with in-game skins and other benefits for early support in our project.

  • December 18, 2021

    Pre-Alpha Testing Continues

    More weapons and armors will be introduced into the game, in addition to more skill variety. Wiped in-game economy with seasonal NFT rewards.

  • January 15, 2022

    Combat Testing

    Arena will be testable. Combat will continue being refined.

  • February 1, 2022

    Stardust Press Release + Soft Launch

    Metagates Marketplace is open for testing. NFT marketplace goes "live".

  • February 1, 2022

    Pet Sale

    Pet fighting will be on a live server. Pet breeding and genetics will be mapped out for a later release. Open world testing will begin. Basic open world skills will become available.

  • February 12, 2022

    Alpha Launch

    Weapons, armors, and skills will be refined and balanced.
    The game will be opened to more players.
    Wiped in-game economy with seasonal NFT rewards.

  • March, 2022

    Combat Balancing and Economy Testing

    Combat Balancing.
    Land and housing testing.
    Economy testing. The game will be pushed to the limit.

  • April, 2022

    MMR Update

    Player input will be used from playtesting to balance the MMR system in the arena and further balance combat.

  • May 7, 2022

    Beta Testing Launch

    More items will be integrated into the marketplace. Housing decorations, consumables, weapons and armor will all be tradeable both ingame and through your browser.

  • September 14, 2022

    Tournament of Champions

    We are reaching out to partner with Razer, Twitch, etc for a sponsored $50,000 PvP Tournament. We plan to provide most of the funds and are looking for them to match us.

  • Sept 29, 2022

    Live Launch of Game

    Economy is persistent. Game is live.

The Roadmap is subject to heavy change as game is increasing pace rapidly.

Meet the Team

Nick Liverman

Nick Liverman


Background in 3D Printing, 3D Medical Production, Artificial Organ Development, and Gaming

David Stein

David Stein


Background in Geology, 3D Printing, R&D, and Unreal

Andrew Mirovich

Andrew Mirovich


Background in Community Management, Community Development, and Business Development

Sebastian Schmidt

Sebastian Schmidt


Background in Business Development, Web Development, Marketing, and Design

Jon Salman

Jon Salman


Background in Modelling, Programming, Design, and Interior Design

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The Business

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